Barbara Barbantini started out as an artist working in the visual arts after received her degree in contemporary art history from the University of Florence and cut her teeth with photography, films and installations. She still explores the artistic possibilities of the fusion between the visual arts and fashion. She started to make her first bijoux, using vintage materials and objects trouvé, and exhibiting them when she shows her Polaroid photography. And so started on a parallel career as a designer, soon founding the Puella brand- which in Latin mean “young girl”.

Barbara’s style’s, since the very first collections, expresses her concept of fashion that goes beyond the short term use. She is very aware of creative recycling and her main area of interest is vintage, fabrics, components and objects that belong to a past that is not completely lost.

The jewelry Barbara’s makes is numbered and made from vintage bijoux, embroidery, crystal, old fabrics, silk petals, old naturalistic components, ex-votos, and faded photos: it is a poetic and romantic view of memories, of objects that have changed over time and brought back to life through creative re-use

In 2010 after her daughters Teresa and Anna Sole were born, Barbara creates Puella petite, a collection of dress and bijoux for little girls. The brand is selected trought the eight finalists of WHO’S ON NEXT? , the first edition of the contest for uncovering new talents in children’s fashion by Pitti Immagine, Altaroma and Vogue Bambini.